More and more law firms are falling victim to cybercriminals, with 80% of the top 100 law firms experiencing a data breach since 2011. According to Legaltech News, in 2020 alone, hundreds of law firms were targeted, leaving sensitive information exposed and law firms and their clients vulnerable.

With more in the legal profession working remotely, and being forced to in such haste amidst a pandemic, hackers have been able to find weaker points in digital security, allowing them to break into law firm databases using ransomware to cripple organizations.

The need to exchange information safely in the legal industry is now more important than ever and simply relying on anti-malware to protect your law firm isn’t enough.

Learn how JH3 can help you firm stay protected from data breaches

Start protecting your law firm today with these 10 Cybersecurity Mitigation Strategies from the National Security Agency:

  1. Update and Upgrade Software Immediately
  2. Defend Privileges and Accounts
  3. Enforce Signed Software Execution Policies
  4. Exercise a System Recovery Plan
  5. Actively Manage Systems and Configurations
  6. Continuously Hunt for Network Intrusions
  7. Leverage Modern Hardware Security Features
  8. Segregate Networks Using Application-Aware Defenses
  9. Integrate Threat Reputations Services
  10. Transition to Multi-Factor Authentication

When it comes to cybersecurity, it is key that your law firm has a solution in place that can identify a threat, protect your firm and clients against it, detects when there may be an issue, responds appropriately, and recovers immediately.

At JH3 Technology Solutions, we understand how critical it is to keep our law firms safe and protected from the dark web and provide the comprehensive solution you need to ensure that your law firm remains protected from a cyberattack. Learn more about how we provide IT solutions to NC Law firms here.