Perhaps one of the world’s worst feelings is when you suddenly realize that you’ve lost an important file or that your entire database has crashed. Plus, today’s businesses are faced with the very real threat that their business could be disrupted any day of the week with an unexpected threat. JH3 Technology Solutions offers continual data backup and recovery to ensure that your business continues to operate and function normally.

JH3 Total Data Protection with Datto vs. Standard Backup*

Standard Backup Business Continuity
Local Protection Against Loss X
Cloud Protection Against Disaster Sometimes
Restore Both Application & Files Sometimes
Instant Local & Cloud Failover X
Ability to Prevent Downtime X
Typical Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Hours to Days Seconds!

*Credit: Datto website:

Business continuity plans from JHS Technology Solutions and Datto keep your company running—even in disasters. Your plan will include features such as image-based backup, virus and ransomware detection, and a virtualized environment. With JH3 and Datto by your side, you’ll be operational in less than an hour.

Here are some of the latest statistics regarding business data loss:

54% of companies report downtime from a single event lasting more than 8 hours. Can your business afford to be down for 8 hours?

75% of all downtime is due to a power outage. Hardware failure and human error come in second and third place. So, being prepared for a natural disaster is great. But what about everyday situations?

1 in 3 organizations have reported being hit by a virus or a malware attack within the last 5 years. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it won’t happen to you!

40% of companies don’t have a disaster recovery plan. And over 25% of businesses admit to rarely or never testing them. The best way to ensure solid protection for your business when you need it most is to practice, practice, practice.

Being prepared for the unexpected computer virus, cyberattack or ransomware threat is becoming more and more of a commonplace need. And not just in big companies. Hackers and data thieves are breaching firewalls and servers of smaller companies more frequently. That’s because these businesses typically have less protection, and the data is much easier to steal or hijack.

Online Data Backup Solutions for Servers & Workstations

Staying continually operational is the goal of every one of our customers. No business we know wants to—or can afford to—be down for any amount of time. Every minute spent not working means money out the window. And that’s no way to run a business.

Our business continuity and data backup solutions will keep your data and sensitive information both safe and secure—no matter what technology is used in your company infrastructure. JH3 Technology Solutions can provide backup plans for all makes, models, and brands of hardware and software.

  • Desktops
  • Macs
  • PCs
  • Mainframes
  • Servers
  • Hard drives
  • Interfaces
  • Office 365 email
  • Gmail
  • Google G Suite

We Are Your Trusted Data Backup Expert

Choosing to be secure and selecting the right IT company to ensure your business and data security is one of the most important decisions you can make. JH3 Technology Solutions can help your business with any data backup needs so you can avoid downtime, lost production, and lost revenue.

JH3 can serve as your entire IT department or we can supplement your current team. Together we’ll ensure that you are on top of all data security and safety protocols.

Whether you are experiencing a small emergency or a major shutdown, we can get you back up and running either onsite or remotely. Your JH3 Technology Solutions business continuity plan will keep your business performing both during and after a variety of emergency situations.

  • Power outages
  • Equipment failures
  • Natural disasters
  • Weather events
  • Fires
  • Disease outbreaks
  • Hacking
  • Ransomware threats
  • Cyber attacks
  • Terrorism
  • Other external threats

Save Money and Stress with Your JH3 Business Continuity Plan

When data backup counts, we’ve got you covered. At JH3, we spend our days ensuring that our customers remain operational and experience as little downtime as possible. With a business continuity plan, your records will be backed up multiple times daily.

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Documents/files
  • Projects
  • Schedules
  • Sensitive data
  • Classified information
  • And more!

As with most other things in life, it’s much easier to prevent a problem before it happens than it is to fix it after it occurs. When caring for your automobile, it’s much easier to change the oil regularly than to purchase a new engine when your motor seizes. It’s the same with maintaining your database and computer system.

We use our IT expertise to identify any potential threats to your business. Plus, we’ll evaluate how these risks would affect your operations, both directly and indirectly. You’ll sleep better tonight knowing that we’re protecting your company—even when you’re not looking.

Managed services with JH3 Technology Solutions includes everything you need for your business continuity.

  • Strategic continuity planning
  • Data backup and recovery strategies
  • Business impact analysis
  • Daily remote monitoring
  • Secure, cloud-based file management
  • Business continuity team training
  • Managed anti-virus protection
  • Automated backups
  • Convenient remote or onsite support
  • Timely software updates
  • Fast security patching
  • Disaster recovery
  • Easy-access help desk
  • Emergency testing and exercises
  • Executive-level security

Start Recovering Your Data Now!

You may only have one chance to recover your lost data. JH3 Technology Solutions works with small to large businesses and organizations who have lost an individual file or an entire network or database.

Our data recovery services are trusted by companies and IT professionals throughout North Carolina. We can recover your inaccessible or lost database files from any application, file or data loss condition.

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