See how JH3 protects against 'Data Breaches and Cyber Threats'

Data Breaches are becoming more and more common. Today, human error is still the number one cause of data breach loss disasters. Small Businesses made up over half of last year's breach victims. The cost of business and online security breaches and other criminal cyber threats amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars per year worldwide.

By the time you discover that a hacker gained access to your company data, it’s often too late. Whether you find the intrusion weeks, days or even hours later, the data (usernames, passwords, account numbers, etc.) has already been posted to the dark web. And once on the dark web, data is available to anyone willing to purchase the information and use it for their own advantage.

Sensitive data breaches, phishing schemes, bots, malware, online identity theft, and cyber-attacks are just some of the tactics that disrupt the day-to-day business of small and medium companies as well as large corporations around the world.

What Is the Dark Web?

So, you’ve likely heard of the dark web. But what is it, really?

By definition, the dark web is an unregulated portion of the internet that is not indexed by search engines, such as Google, Firefox, Safari, and Bing. Users and their activities (viewing, posting, sharing, chatting, etc.) remain anonymous and untraceable. The dark web is both ripe and rampant with numerous illegal activities and users.

The internet is huge! And what you see and search on a daily basis is only the surface. The “surface web” is less than 0.1% of the total worldwide internet. So, think of the internet you know as the earth’s crust and the dark web as everything underneath.

  • Stolen information available for buyer
  • Child and other pornography
  • Scam artists
  • Terrorist activities
  • Bitcoin black markets
  • Drugs
  • Contraband
  • Kill contracts
  • Transferring sensitive information (corporate espionage)
  • Planning and executing cyberattacks against companies and government institutions
  • And more!

The average person does not have access to the dark web. And you can’t suddenly find yourself there while searching online. Special tools, such as a special browser called Tor, are required to access the dark web. So, unless you are already equipped, you can’t sign in from your typical home or office computer.

The good news is that law enforcement personnel and cyber intelligence services are patrolling the dark web 24/7/365 for illegal activity. Many dark websites have been uncovered and taken down, and many criminals have been caught.

What Is Your Information Worth on the Dark Web?

You’d think that your valuable, private information would be sold for top dollar on the dark web. But the truth is that it’s typically sold for pretty cheap. Here are a few examples:

Item Dark Web Price
Social Security number $1–$8
Social Security + credit card numbers $20–$75
Standard credit card number $9
Business credit card number $15–$20
W2 tax documents $40–$50

Once a criminal has your private information, they can wreak havoc in your business and personal life. A criminal can open a credit card in your name, take out a loan, steal money from you, and impersonate you while engaging in illegal activities. And in the end, you or your company wind up with a damaged credit history that can take years to restore.

Proactive Dark Web Monitoring: Keep Your Business Safe from the Dark Web

Every company holds onto sensitive data that is required to do business with their clients. At JH3 Technology solutions, we help you focus on the real threats that can be used to both compromise and exploit your employees and your customers. You decide what information you want monitored, and JH3 Technology Solutions will monitor it for you.

  • Usernames and passwords
  • Social security numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Home addresses
  • Medical information
  • Medical insurance and account numbers
  • Bank account numbers
  • Bank account numbers
  • Passport numbers
  • Phone numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Retail/membership cards
  • Gift cards
  • Social network account usernames and passwords
  • Telephone numbers
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Data leaks through staff oversight
  • Compromised employee accounts and company servers
  • Tracking money launderers
  • And more!

At JH3 Technology Solutions, we offer Dark Web Monitoring services that work for you 24/7, 365 daysevery year. We provide automated discovery of any potential vulnerabilities as well as suspicious behaviors regarding your company’s sensitive data. Our secure services monitor all of the places your information could surface on the dark web.

  • Hidden chat rooms
  • Criminal forums
  • Malicious websites
  • Bulletin boards
  • Private websites
  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels
  • Social media feeds
  • Black market sites
  • Web servers
  • File transmissions
  • Servers
  • Web services
  • Phishing attempts
  • 640,000+ botnets
  • And more!